Electric Vehicles: Burn Less, Save More


Six ways to phase gasoline out and electric in

  • Price electric vehicles—and purchase one if it’s time for a new car
  • Watch the auto industry for developments in fuel cells and their support infrastructure
  • Ask nearby dealerships about electric cars to show there’s interest and demand
  • Ask car sharing services, if you use them, about electric options
  • Substitute electric for your company car or fleet
  • Ask your elected officials how they are planning to support electric vehicles in RI

Electric cars are more effective and efficient every year. One full charge powers over 240 miles of travel, and public charging stations are becoming more common.  Where electricity can be generated with renewable resources, switching to an electric vehicle is a good investment in a low-emissions future.  


Household action: If it’s time for you to buy a new car or soon will be, price an electric vehicle, including the setup for charging it at your home. If you switch to a renewable energy plan for your home electricity, or have enough renewable power on your property to handle the extra requirements (see the “Rhode Island Programs…” section), you can run your car at greatly reduced cost and with no damaging emissions.


Asking dealerships about electric cars when you can’t afford one may seem silly, but it lets them know there’s a demand—and might give the company an incentive to bring down the price. The same is true for car-sharing services, if you use them.


Community action: Advocate with your elected representatives for a “cash for clunkers” exchange program where cars and trucks with low gas mileage could be traded in towards electric vehicles. (See the “Further Resources” section for models in other states.)


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