Livable RI is a guide by Rhode Islanders, for Rhode Islanders.

A collaborative product of the members of the Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island (CACRI), this manual is designed to offer practical, up-to-date advice on:

  • Reducing our contributions to climate change,
  • Building relationships with each other and with our environment, and
  • Making Rhode Island more livable for all of us.

The Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island assesses, informs, and activates efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in or attributable to Rhode Island. The purpose of CACRI is philanthropic and includes promoting social learning about climate change, including especially the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the commonweal, and protecting the environment and the functioning of the ecosystem.

Contributors to the manual include:

  • Irene Allen
  • Justin Boyan
  • James Celenza
  • Greg Gerritt
  • Seth Handy
  • Elizabeth Palter
  • Kenneth Payne
  • J. Timmons Roberts
  • Paul A. Roselli
  • Kate Schapira

The site’s artwork was designed by Jim Bush. Jim is a Kenyon College graduate and an award-winning editorial cartoonist, book illustrator, and painter. Examples of his whimsical style and varied subject matter can be viewed at He lives with his family in Providence, and his studio/gallery is located in Warren.

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