Sealing and Insulating Your Indoor Space: Envelopes of Efficiency


Four steps for getting the most out of your energy—and your energy company

  • Call RISE at (401) 784-3700 for a free home energy assessment
  • Insulate your walls, improve the fit and seal of your doors and windows, add storm windows, and seal cracks and gaps with RISE-approved contractors and National Grid discounts
  • Inform your neighbors that they too can get a free home energy assessment
  • Tell Governor Raimondo and your state senators and representatives about the importance of maintaining RI’s energy efficiency fund


RISE home energy assessments are free, extremely thorough, and available to tenants, homeowners and owners of commercial properties. Our electric bills include charges to pay for this service—let’s get what we’re paying for.

Since some of the renovations may be expensive, National Grid also provides substantial discounts if you follow the recommendations in the home energy assessment. You can work with RISE directly, or choose a contractor that National Grid has certified (see the above website for details). The energy savings will cover the discounted cost of the improvements in 3-5 years, and after that will just keep saving you money and energy—pure financial benefit.


Household action: Call (401) 784-3700 for your free home energy assessment, and follow as many of the recommendations as you can.


Of all the actions in this manual, this is one of the easiest to get your neighbors excited about: it offers a deal on home improvement projects, saves money long-term, increases our comfort, and reduces our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve done a RISE assessment and urge them to get one if they haven’t. Then you can get together and demand that our elected officials reinstate support for energy-efficient improvements in our state—a key part of reducing Rhode Island’s fossil fuel emissions.


Community action: After you get your energy assessment and/or follow the recommendations, write to or call Governor Raimondo, the speaker of the Rhode Island house, the Senate President, and your own Rhode Island senator and representative, voicing your support for the state’s energy efficiency programs and telling your story.


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